Made in 3 days for for GDL June Gene Jam.

Manipulate the environment to influence the evolution of a population of Gobos.

The game is broken up into 20 second generations during which the Gobos run and jump around the environment. Before each generation you get to place platforms, spikes, and a trampoline to influence the survival of the Gobos. Gobos that survive the full 20 seconds, or that escape to the yellow square, spawn offspring with stats that are slightly different from their own. 

Gobos have the following stats: horizontal speed, direction change frequency, jump frequency, jump height, and trampoline bounce height.


You can gradually train the Gobo population by setting up levels that kill the Gobos with bad traits. The official goal is to train a population of Gobos that are good at escaping to the yellow square. However you could try to train Gobos to have any combination of traits you like.


Just click to place objects. Once all the objects you've been allotted have been placed the generation will start.